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Kaltura API SDK - Native Client Libraries

When developing applications that interact with the Kaltura API, it is best to use a native Client Library.

Below you can download the Client Library for the programming language of your choice.

To learn how to use the client libraries and see example code implementations, use the API Test Console and Interactive Workflows. The Test Console and Workflows automatically generate sample code based on the API actions and parameters you select.

Please note, the client libraries provided here have been generated for the Kaltura.com API. Users of self-hosted editions of Kaltura (On-Prem or CE) are encouraged to use their Kaltura Server Clients Generator for optimal compatibility.

Download Client Archives

Install Via Package Managers

In programming languages that use package managers, Kaltura also provides client libraries as packages that can be installed via the respective package manager.


  • PHP composer require kaltura/api-client-library
  • Ruby gem install kaltura-client
  • Python pip install KalturaApiClient
  • Swift pod "KalturaClient"
  • Java (via Maven)

Missing a Language?

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or create your own Client Library Generator