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Kaltura API Overview

Building video experiences consists of ingesting media files, playing back videos, and reviewing usage and engagement analytics. In between, there is a world of nuances required for your unique use-case and application. Kaltura VPaaS is built on the principles of atomic services, SDKs, and tools that allow you full control and flexibility over every element and process in your media’s lifecycle.

Tools and Guides

The Kaltura Developer Tools and the VPaaS Developer Guides, enable you to get started building your own video experiences and workflows, and provide you with everything you need to further explore the platform’s capabilities and to become an expert.

If you're just starting out with Kaltura, we recommend reading: Getting Started with Kaltura VPaaS.

Using the API

Kaltura VPaaS API implements an HTTP POST/GET url-encoded requests structure. The API consist of service and actions for querying, setting, updating and listing entities as well as for configuring account settings, and for executing processes. Service and actions are grouped according to the entity type they are applied on, and provide all actions relevant to the specific entity.

This API documentation provides specific information on:

  • Kaltura Services and their related actions
  • Kaltura Objects and their related properties
  • Kaltura Enumerated Types and their values

A prerequisite for using Kaltura APIs is obtaining Kaltura account ID, aka the Partner ID (or pid). Register for a Kaltura VPaaS account.


Please explore these tools too:

  • The Kaltura VPaaS Developer Guides.
  • The Kaltura VPaaS Interactive Workflows, providing a quick way to learn about video workflows with Kaltura and see from real examples how to write applicatiosn with Kaltura.
  • The API Test Console, providing a quick exploration and discovery for each service and action, allowing you to try each action easily, and serving as code-example generator.

For support, please visit Kaltura Community Forums.