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Kaltura XML Schema

Kaltura XML Schema Definitions (XSDs) are standard W3C XSD version 1.0 formatted documents that define the structure of Kaltura’s XML-formatted integration interfaces.

Publishers and developers may use the schemas when applying or developing XML-based content management-related integrations with the Kaltura Platform. The Kaltura XML-based interfaces related to content management include bulk content ingestion, cue points handling, and content syndication. Each XML schema:

  • Defines XML elements and attributes
  • Defines whether the element or attribute is required or optional, and the maximum number of appearances.
  • Defines the content type of the XML element or attribute
  • Defines the sequence order of the XML element or attribute within the XML
  • Includes descriptions and examples of XML elements and attributes

The following XML types are supported:

  • XMLs that are generated by the Kaltura server and as such are fully compliant with their schema definition.
    • Examples: Syndication Feed XMLs, Bulk Upload Results XMLs, Cue Point Serve XMLs
  • XMLs that are submitted to the Kaltura server
    • Examples: Bulk Upload XMLs, Cue Point Ingest XMLs, Drop Folder XMLs
    • Each XML document and file submitted to the Kaltura server is validated against its schema to ensure that a correct server action is committed. The following levels of validation apply:
      • XML structure validation (including inspection of XML illegal characters such as: &, <, >, ’, ”, (, )
      • Compliance of the XML with its schema, including element appearance, structure, and order
      • Application level validation, including compliance of XML values with system and account-specific settings