The Cast functionality allows your videos to be cast from a Android mobile device, via the Chromecast plugin, directly to a Kaltura Player receiver app on a Chromecast-connected TV.

Before You Begin

Before you begin setting up the Cast feature, make sure you’ve read the article Android Player SDK and Environment Setup - Getting Started.

Basic Definitions

  • Sender - A Cast enabled Kaltura Player running inside of a iOS Application; the Kaltura Player requires a Sender App ID.
  • Receiver - A Kaltura Player Receiver App that runs on the Chromecast device.

Getting Started

To begin casting, follow these steps:

  1. Create the KPPlayerConfig config as follows:
    java KPPlayerConfig config = new KPPlayerConfig("{your-server-id}", "{your-ui-conf-id}", "{your-pqrtner-id}").setEntryId("{your-entry_id}");
  2. Next, add the following to your config instance:
config.addConfig("chromecast.plugin", "true");
config.addConfig("chromecast.useKalturaPlayer", "true"); 
config.addConfig("chromecast.useKalturaPlayer", "true");
config.addConfig("chromecast.receiverLogo", "true");
config.addConfig("chromecast.defaultThumbnail", "the thumbnail you want to use");
config.addConfig("chromecast", "{\"proxyData\":" + proxyDataReceiver + "}");  // change the played media Format in order to stream it to TV in higher resolution
config.addConfig("strings.mwe-chromecast-loading", "Loading to CC");  // Set Loading message
config.addConfig("chromecast.logoUrl", "Your Logo")

Scanning/Connecting Chromecast Devices

This version does not require device scanning and connection methods this is achieved now by Cast V3 MediaRouteButton that should be attached to the Activity

 mMediaRouteButton = (MediaRouteButton) findViewById(;
 CastButtonFactory.setUpMediaRouteButton(getApplicationContext(), mMediaRouteButton);

Casting Media

To cast media, set the mCastProvider property under PlayerViewController with the KCastProvider object you created as follows:

 mCastProvider = (KCastProviderV3Impl) KCastFactory.createCastProvider(MainActivity.this, getString(R.string.app_id), getString(R.string.cast_logo_url));

Setting Cast Provider

mCastProvider.setKCastProviderListener(new KCastProvider.KCastProviderListener() {
        public void onCastMediaRemoteControlReady(KCastMediaRemoteControl castMediaRemoteControl) {
            LOGD(TAG, "onCastMediaRemoteControlReady hasMediaSession = " + castMediaRemoteControl.hasMediaSession(false));

        public void onCastReceiverError(String errorMsg , int errorCode) {
                LOGE(TAG, "onCastReceiverError errorMsg = " + errorMsg + " errorCode = "  + errorCode);

Disconnecting from a Device

To disconnect from a device use the following:

You can disconnect using the mediaRouterButton or programmatically:


Using the Media Remote Control

The KCastProvider includes a mCastProvider.getCastMediaRemoteControl() instance that controls the playback of the video being cast.

At the app level you may add listener to the
and the onCastReceiverError Events.

public interface KCastProvider {
    void startReceiver(Context context, boolean guestModeEnabled);
    void startReceiver(Context context);
    void disconnectFromCastDevice();
    KCastDevice getSelectedCastDevice();
    void setKCastProviderListener(KCastProviderListener listener);
    KCastMediaRemoteControl getCastMediaRemoteControl();
    boolean isRecconected();
    boolean isConnected();
    boolean isCasting();

    interface KCastProviderListener {
        void onCastMediaRemoteControlReady(KCastMediaRemoteControl castMediaRemoteControl);
        void onCastReceiverError(String errorMsg, int errorCode);

Change Media

In order to switch between videos during cast playback you should use

mPlayer.changeMedia("Entry ID");
String URL = "Your thumbnail URL";
//if proxy data for CC has to be different than the player
//for changing the thumbnail of the minicontroller for current media id 
mPlayer.setKDPAttribute("chromecast","defaultThumbnail","'" + URL + "'");  
//for updating mini controller png
mPlayer.getConfig().addConfig("chromecast.defaultThumbnail", URL);
mPlayer.changeMedia(proxyData JSON Object);

It is required to set castProvider again in case that player activity or fragment was destroyed.

Demo Application

A best practice sample application, which demonstrates the code that is required for a proper casting experience, can be found in this
demo Android.