When using embed codes, you can select from one of three options: Auto Embed, Dynamic Embed and Iframe Embed. You may want to use different embed code types in different situations, according to the explanations below.

Auto Embed

Auto embed is the recommended embed code for the Kaltura Player. It uses precise code and is good for getting a player or widget onto the page quickly and easily without any runtime customizations.

Auto embed is optimized for packing a lots of resources into the initial request, allowing the player to be rendered quickly.

Here’s how to use the auto embed code:

<div id="{TARGET_ID}" style="width: 640px;height: 360px"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src='https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/p/{PARTNER_ID}/embedPlaykitJs/uiconf_id/{UICONF_ID}?autoembed=true&targetId={TARGET_ID}&entry_id={ENTRY_ID}&config[playback]={"autoplay":true}'></script>

Dynamic Embed

Dynamic embed is recommended for cases where you want to control runtime configuration dynamically and/or have more control over the embed call.

Basic dynamic embed codes look like this:

<div id="{TARGET_ID}" style="width: 640px;height: 360px"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/p/{PARTNER_ID}/embedPlaykitJs/uiconf_id/{UICONF_ID}"></script>
  <script type="text/javascript">
    try {
      var kalturaPlayer = KalturaPlayer.setup({
        targetId: "{TARGET_ID}",
        provider: {
          partnerId: {PARTNER_ID},
          uiConfId: {UICONF_ID}
        playback: {
          autoplay: true
      kalturaPlayer.loadMedia({entryId: '{ENTRY_ID}'});
    } catch (e) {

IFrame Embed

The iframe embed is good for sites that don’t allow third-party JavaScript to be embedded in their pages. This makes the iFrame embed a better fit for sites that have stringent page security requirements.

Note that if you use the iFrame-only embed mode, the page won’t be able to access the player API:

<iframe type="text/javascript" src='https://cdnapisec.kaltura.com/p/{PARTNER_ID}/embedPlaykitJs/uiconf_id/{UICONF_ID}?iframeembed=true&entry_id={ENTRY_ID}&config[playback]={"autoplay":true}'
   style="width: 640px;height: 360px" allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozAllowFullScreen frameborder="0">