You can use the following keyboard shortcuts to control the player:

Note that these shortcuts will work only if the player is the focused element on the page.

Feature Action Keyboard
Playback Play/Pause/Replay Spacebar
  Increase volume by 5% UP
  Decrease volume by 5% DOWN
  Mute/Unmute m
  Switch to full screen f
  Exit full screen ESC
  Seek 5 seconds forward RIGHT
  Seek 5 seconds back LEFT
  Jump to video start Home
  Jump to video end End
Speed Selector Increase playback speed > (SHIFT+.)
  Decrease playback speed < (SHIFT+,)
Captions Show/Hide captions c
Multi Audio (Not implemented yet) Next audio stream [
  Previous audio stream ]
360 Video (Not implemented yet) Navigate Up w
  Navigate Down s
  Navigate Right d
  Navigate Left a
Live (Not implemented yet) Jump back to live l