The Player user interface (UI) is created using HTML and CSS, which means that you can edit the UI according to your needs; for example, by changing the color of the scrubber, setting the text font family, or changing the control icons, etc.

This demo demonstrates an example of customizing the UI using the CSS.

These are some of the classes you can override:
classes you can override

Things To Note

  • The namespace for the default skin must be playkit.
  • The Player uses the same font family in all of its components. You can override it in the general parent class (.playkit-player-gui) or customize each component according to your preferences.

Player Classes List

Here’s a list of the Player classes you can customize:


Class Name Description
.playkit-pre-playback-play-button The background of the play button, before the Player begins playing
.playkit-icon-play The Player icon, which is used in the bottom controllers and on the Player itself
.playkit-icon-start-over Start-over icon, shown at the end of the video
.playkit-control-button This is a class that’s attached to all of the buttons in the control container, so a change here will affect all of the buttons.
.playkit-icon-pause Pause icon
.playkit-icon-playkit-icon-rewind-10 Rewind icon
.playkit-icon-volume-base The left side of the volume icon
.playkit-icon-volume-waves Shown when not on mute
.playkit-icon-volume-mute Shown when the Player is muted
.playkit-icon-language Languages selection icon
.playkit-icon-settings Settings icon
.playkit-icon-maximize Maximize icon
.playkit-icon-minimize Minimize icon

Volume and Seek Bar

Class Name Description
.playkit-volume-control-bar Placeholder for the volume level, use transform: rotate(90deg); for a horizontal volume bar. See Demo for usage example.
.playkit-volume-control-bar .playkit-bar The level background
.playkit-volume-control-bar .playkit-progress Indicates the audio level
.playkit-seek-bar Placeholder for the Player seek bar
.playkit-seek-bar .playkit-progress-bar Placeholder for the actual progress bar
.playkit-seek-bar .playkit-progress-bar .playkit-progress Indicates the progress of the video/audio
.playkit-seek-bar .playkit-progress-bar .playkit-progress .playkit-scrubber Indicates the end of the progress bar. When hovering over the seek bar, it will indicate the current position of the mouse on the seek bar
.playkit-seek-bar .playkit-progress-bar .playkit-virtual-progress When hovering and seeking to a future part of the media, this will show the progress until this point
.playkit-seek-bar .playkit-progress-bar .playkit-time-preview When hovering on the seek bar, this will show the current mouse position time


Class Name Description
.playkit-bottom-bar Placeholder of all the bottom controllers
.playkit-overlay .playkit-overlay-contents Overlays container, for advanced captions settings (for example)
.playkit-overlay .playkit-error-overlay Overlay that pops up when there’s an error


Class name Description
.playkit-spinner The spinner implementation, which consists of several span child elements that you can remove using: .playkit-spinner span{ display: none;}