Content Entitlements is a method for governing access of end-users to groups of content items (entries) using categories.
Entitlements are configured at the category level, by setting a unique key to identify the applicative context in which to allow access to the category’s entries.

Applications such as Kaltura MediaSpace implement entitlements to achieve the concept of “Authenticated Content Channels”.

Example use-cases based on content entitlements:

  • Group collaboration based on channel membership
  • Premium content - get access to channels/categories based on a paid subscription

To learn about how to configure and work with Content Entitlements read the Categories and Content Entitlements article.

The following diagram outlines the rules on which Kaltura bases and enforces content entitlements.
You can configure the Kaltura system to be more restrictive or open in allowing access to your assets.

entitlementshas beendisabledspecifically for this entryby thewidget or feed servicesyesEntry is alloweddefaultEntitlementEnforcementis set toFALSEon the accountyesEntry is allowedkshasdisableentitlementpermissionORdisableentitlementforentry == entryIdyesEntry is allowedThe user (ks.userId) isownerof the entryyesEntry is allowedThe user (ks.userId) hasedit or publish permissionon the entryyesEntry is allowedEntry isassociatedwithone or morecategoriesyesEntry NOTassociatedwith catrgoriesOnallof the entry's categories:privacyContext == nullyesEntry is allowedks.privacycontextequal to one of theentry's categories' privacyContextyesEntry is allowedcategory.privacyis set toMEMBERS_ONLYyescategory.privacyset toAUTHENTICATEDks.userIdis amemberof the categoryyesnoEntry is allowedEntry deniedEntry is allowedEntry is allowednonononononono