Abstract classes cannot be instantiated; therefore abstracts have derived classes, but not objects. For each abstract class, use one of its sub classes.

Each abstract class has a subset of required properties. The specific properties that are required depend on the service/action pair and object used with the sub class.

For example, for the syndicationFeed.add API, select one of the sub classes listed for the abstract KalturaBaseSyndicationFeed class, such as KalturaGenericSyndicationFeed.

The KalturaBaseSyndicationFeed supports the following:

To call the syndicationFeed.add API with the KalturaGenericXsltSyndicationFeed sub class use the following:

$config = new KalturaConfiguration($partnerId); 
$config->serviceUrl = 'http://www.kaltura.com/'; 
$client = new KalturaClient($config); 
$ks = '213mg23433_q2fq'; //Add your KS here 
$syndicationFeed = new KalturaGenericXsltSyndicationFeed(); 
$syndicationFeed->type = KalturaSyndicationFeedType::KALTURA_XSLT; 
$results = $client-> syndicationFeed ->add($syndicationFeed);