This document describes the steps required for adding support for the IMA Plugin functionality on iOS devices. IMA (or Interactive Media Ads) was developed by Google to enable you to display ads in your application’s video, audio, and game content. To learn more about Google’s IMA, see Google’s IMA developer’s site.

Supported IMA SDK Version is: 3.5.2

Common Issues

  1. There is currently an open issue with IMA SDK where removing the player view before destroying the ads manager will cause an error on the next ad playback. To fix the issue all you have to do is call the player.destroy() before player.removeFromSuperview()

If you get below error:

Error Domain=com.kaltura.playkit.error.ima Code=1005 "Ads cannot be requested because the ad container is not attached to the view hierarchy." UserInfo={errorType=1, NSLocalizedDescription=Ads cannot be requested because the ad container is not attached to the view hierarchy.}

Please make sure that the order of removing player on your side is:

  1. When not including ads, the PlayerEvent observed events start occurring after calling prepare().
    When including ads, none of the PlayerAd events occur after calling prepare().

To resolve this issue and get autoPlay with ads please make sure to call play() before those events start occurring.

// Firstly call prepare
// Then immediately

Enable IMA Plugins for the Kaltura Video Player

To enable the IMA Plugin on iOS devices for the Kaltura Video Player, add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "PlayKit_IMA"

Control Ad Play

To control ad play during runtime, implement the following Video Player delegate method:

func playerShouldPlayAd(_ player: Player) -> Bool {
    return true

Register the IMA Plugin

Next, register the IMA Plugin inside your application as follows:


Configure the Kaltura Video Player to Use the IMA Plugin

To configure the player to use IMA Plugin, add the following configuration to your PlayerConfig file as follows:

let adsConfig = IMAConfig()
adsConfig.set(adTagUrl: "your ad tag url")
let pluginConfig = PluginConfig(config: [IMAPlugin.pluginName: adsConfig])

Configure Clickthroughs

The IMA Plugin offers two options for opening ad landing pages:

  • Via an in-app browser
  • Via Safari

By default, the plugin will open pages using Safari. To update the plugin to use an in-app browser, you’ll need to set the webOpenerPresentingController value in the AdsConfig object as follows:

adsConfig.set(webOpenerPresentingController: webOpenerPresentingController)

Add Companion Ads

To see companion ads in the device, you’ll need to implement the following steps:

  1. Configure an ad tag to return a companion ad (prepare this in advance).
  2. Supply a companion ad container to the plugin using the following format (make sure the size of the companion being returned is the same size as the UIView in which you’re trying to display it):
adsConfig.set(companionView: companionView)

Specify the Desired Bitrate and Video Formats

The IMA Plugin enables you to specify the video formats and bitrate using the following configuration:

adsConfig.set(videoMimeTypes: ["video/mp4", "application/x-mpegURL"])
adsConfig.set(videoBitrate: 1024)

Specify the Localized Ad Language

The IMA Plugin enables you to specify the language to be used to localize ads and the Video Player UI controls.

To do so, set the language parameter of the AdsConfig to the appropriate language code using this reference.

adsConfig.set(language: "en")

Listen to Ad Events

Use the following code to listen to ad events:

let events: [PKEvent.Type] = [AdEvent.adDidRequestPause, AdEvent.adDidRequestResume]

player.addObserver(self, events: events) { event in
    if type(of: event) == AdEvent.adDidRequestResume {
        // handle adDidRequestResume
    } else if type(of: event) == AdEvent.adDidRequestPause {
        // handle adDidRequestPause

Ad Info Event

To observe ad info when an ad is starting use the following:

player.addObserver(self, events: [AdEvent.adStarted]) { event in
    if let info = event.adInfo {
        // use ad info
        switch info.positionType {
        case .preRoll: // handle pre roll
        case .midRoll: // handle mid roll
        case .postRoll: // handle post roll

Ad Cue Points Event

To observe ad cue points update use the following:

player.addObserver(self, events: [AdEvent.adCuePointsUpdate]) { event in
    if let adCuePoints = event.adCuePoints {
        // use ad cue points
        if adCuePoints.hasPreRoll || adCuePoints.hasMidRoll || adCuePoints.hasPostRoll {
            // do your stuff

Have Questions or Need Help?

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