This document describes the steps required for adding support for the multi-audio and captions functionality in your application on iOS devices.

Note: Track selection modes are available for audio and text tracks only

Get Available Tracks

To get the available captions and audio tracks, register to the ‘PlayerEvents.tracksAvailable’ event on the player as follows:

func handleTracks() {
    self.addObserver(self, events: [PlayerEvent.tracksAvailable]) { [weak self] event in
        if type(of: event) == PlayerEvent.tracksAvailable {
            guard let tracks = event.tracks else {
                print("No Tracks Available")
            if let audioTracks = tracks.audioTracks {
                self.audioTracks = audioTracks
            if let textTracks = tracks.textTracks {
                self.textTracks = textTracks

Select Track

To switch between tracks, use the following code:

// Select Track
func selectTrack(track: Track) {

Get Current Tracks

// Get Current Audio/Text Track
let currentAudioTrack = self.player.currentAudioTrack
let currentTextTrack = self.player.currentTextTrack

Get Current Bitrate

// Get Current Bitrate
func currentBitrateHandler() {
    self.addObserver(self, events: [PlayerEvent.playbackParamsUpdated]) { [weak self] event in
        if type(of: event) == PlayerEvent.tracksAvailable {
            // Get Current Bitrate Value
            if let currentBitrate = event.currentBitrate {
                print("currentBitrate: ", currentBitrate)

Available Modes and Behavior

There are three available track selection modes:

  • Off - Off, which is the default mode, means different things for text selection and audio selection: for audio selection, Off means the player will use the default value from the media. For text, the player will simply turn text selection off.
  • Auto - In this mode, the player selects the language by the device locale if available; if not, it takes the default selection from the stream instead (if there is one).
  • Selection - This mode uses a specific selection, where you’ll need to provide the specific selection you’d like to use.

Text Track Selection

player.settings.trackSelection.textSelectionMode = // .off/.auto/.selection
// use text selection language when using '.selection' mode.
player.settings.trackSelection.textSelectionLanguage = // en/fr...

Audio Track Selection

player.settings.trackSelection.audioSelectionMode = // .off/.auto/.selection
// use text selection language when using '.selection' mode.
player.settings.trackSelection.audioSelectionLanguage = // en/fr...

Code Samples

Go to PlayKit iOS Samples for code samples.

Have Questions or Need Help?

Check out the Kaltura Player SDK Forum page for different ways of getting in touch.